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Kathy Purvis Rolfer In Austin TX

Kathy became a Rolfer in 1998 by completing requirements of the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. This certification was a result of studies at the Rolf Institute’s facilities in Boulder Colorado and in Salvador, Brazil. Kathy was also certified as a Rolfing Movement Practitioner after completing the Rolf Institute’s Movement training in Brazil. In the Fall of 2009, Kathy completed her training to become a Certified Advanced Rolfer.

Sissie, the sweet little pup, is Kathy’s helper, who greets and then sleeps and then bids farewell to clients at most every visit. She is a hypoallergenic “therapy” canine who enjoys Rolfing sessions.

Why I became a Rolfer

In 1987, I moved to Washington, D.C., to further my career with the federal government. In the latter part of 1995, my “joy in life” began to subside. As work got more stressful and tedious, I began to feel less and less able to cope with its rigorous demands. Too, the pain and discomfort that I felt in my back and neck and shoulders was getting to be more than just annoying.

What I noticed and could admit to myself was that fear was commanding much of my life. It was as if I was stuck and couldn’t move…move on, move out, etc. Someone suggested to me that I go through the Rolfing series and see if it helped with my restlessness and discomfort. They also said it could help me with my “guts spilling out” or what I later learned was an “anterior pelvic tilt”. I didn’t know what to expect nor did I necessarily have any goals for this initial 10-series. I just knew I needed something and Rolfing is what showed up for me. This friend had tried it and had experienced changes as a result of it.

I went once a month to see my Rolfer. I don’t remember feeling any different after the first session or any of the first few sessions. (One thing I do remember is I had taken off the next day of work because I figured I would be in pain. This was not the case and I wondered if my Rolfer was any good!) I continued with the series and after some sessions, I did start to notice I felt different. I couldn’t put my finger on what had changed or was changing, but things were happening inside me. And then I did notice something structurally. My feet! I was looking in the full length mirror in my hallway and my feet looked different. Where I had seen little bird feet and skinny ankles (something that didn’t match the rest of me) were now feet and lower legs that looked as if they went with the rest of me. They looked strong and alive. I had not felt connected and grounded before now — not like this. Is this where my fear had come from? I had no idea. I just knew that now I felt something different. I felt supported.

Sometimes I would assess the change I experienced in my initial Rolfing series as more of an emotional transformation for me. But I must say it was brought on by my structural shift. I felt more supported because physically I was. My feet became grounded in such a way that I felt much more powerful — the fear subsided. I was able to leave my ‘good pay and good benefits’ job to pursue what I felt was calling me. Too, a shift came in my pelvis as it became more horizontal and my anterior pelvic tilt was much less extreme. A structural change did occur as my back pain diminished dramatically as well as the discomfort in my neck and shoulders. I felt different physically but it showed up emotionally as well. What a treat!

So, here I am. The transformation that had changed my life now became my profession — my life’s work. I was trained to do this “thing”, that provoked such a life-changing experience for me, so I could share it with other people. I completed my Rolfing training with the Rolf Institute in 1998, my Advanced Certification training in 2009 and have been aligning bodies with gravity and teaching people further body awareness. I love what I do!

If you live in Austin or the Hill Country of Central Texas and are looking to get right with gravity by getting your body aligned and balanced, via Rolfing Structural Integration, I invite you to browse this site and then contact me. My office is at 1015 Beecave Woods Dr. in the Centre III building, Suite 207 and I would love to work with you.

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